Saturday, July 7, 2012

G is for Growing

Although I am not disposed to maintain that the being born in a workhouse, is in itself the most fortunate and enviable circumstance (...) in this particular instance, it was the best thing for Oliver Twist that could by possibility have occurred.
The fact is, that there was considerable difficulty in inducing Oliver to take upon himself the office of respiration (...)
Now, if, during this brief period, Oliver had been surrounded by careful grandmothers, anxious aunts, experienced nurses, and doctors of profound wisdom, he would most inevitably and indubitably have been killed in no time.
There being nobody (...) Oliver and Nature fought out the point between them.
The result was, that, after a few struggles, Oliver breathed, sneezed, and proceeded to advertise to the inmates of the workhouse the fact of a new burden having been imposed upon the parish...

Charles Dickens - OLIVER TWIST

That pretty much sums up the secret of parenting, growing plants or tending animals. Don't do any more than you have to do. And, sometimes, the best thing to do is nothing.

Jenny Matlock


  1. Sometimes doing nothing is such a bliss. And G is definitely for growing up. May we all grow to learn from mistakes and work upon them.

  2. No matter what our circumstances may be, we all have to find our own way through this life. Coddling is not always the best element for growth, it's true.

  3. There is one particular thing that's been weighing heavy in my mind. This is the second message I've read today that essentially says that sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.

    I think I'll go with that for now.

    1. Often it's the best thing to do.

  4. Oh wow. I really, really liked this.

    It was a very timely message for me!

    What a grand take on the letter "G".

    Thank you for sharing it!



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