Sunday, June 24, 2012


"I think we should leave now", said Lori, her voice shaking. "He'll be waking up soon."

"Just a few more minutes. Did you check the cupboard over there?"

The sister-in-laws continued their search in oppressive silence until, finally, Marsha yelped.

"Eureka!", she said between clenched teeth.

Lori came over, her eyes huge with fear. "What?", she whispered.

"His second cellphone of course!" Marsha experienced fingers flew through the menu.

"Oh my God!" Lori grasped a nearby chair to steady herself. The baby in her belly kicked.

"Her name is Shelby," Marsha stuck the phone under her nose. "Do you know her?"

Lori felt the blood drain from her face. For a couple of moments she could only stare dumbly.

"That's the mother of my daughter's best friend", she said finally.

"What are you going to do?"

Lori gulped a deep breath and straightened her shoulders.

"Well", she looked at Marsha calmly now, "I guess I'm gonna have to call Mitch."

"Your boyfriend from high-school?"

"He's a lawyer now, they tell me." Her eyes narrowed into small slits. "A really good lawyer."

That was a Sunday Scribblings post.


  1. Men! Can't live with 'um, can't shoot 'um! And they just never learn just how smart women are, do they??? Good one, Cathy!!

  2. most do not understand how smart women really least she is looking for a lawyer and not a gun...good story...short and easy to read

  3. Great story, totally enjoyed! A short tale that spoke of so much, and the ending was perfect!

  4. This is a really great story about a real, though sad eureka moment!

  5. Nice build of tension here. Well done.

  6. What is so great about this story is the ability of the writer to let the reader work out the scenario in their own mind in so few words. The sad part is that Lori is pregnant and that in itself conjures up other possibilities about their relationship. Well done indeed.

  7. This reminded me of a personal experience. I wasn't 'married' and I wasn't expecting, either. I found out about the illicit affair when my significant other sent a raunchy text message to my phone that was actually meant for someone else. - it had the other woman's name on it, not mine.

    1. Your comments ended up in the spam filter for some reason.

      Anyway, very sorry to hear it... Something similar happened to me too once.

  8. Thank you all. Your kindness is extremely appreciated.

  9. nice flash fiction


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