Saturday, June 23, 2012

Centus 112

On a warm October day the truancy officers came a calling.
"A hundred fifty boys skipped school this Tuesday", they deplored. "You have to do something! They are out in the country beating hickory nuts off the trees, chasing squirrels and having all kinds of fun!"

"It's an amusing little whine", said Probation Officer Dilgard, "but I'm not going to do anything. We have no place but the county jail to put these boys in and I'm too much of a kid myself to put any boy in jail for going hickory-nutting."

Jenny Matlock


  1. Ahh hickory nutting...sounds like fun! :)

  2. Wow! I wouldn't have ever come up with this. How wonderful that you provide a little history with this prompt!

  3. Let 'um play, I say! It's much better than bullying on the school bus!

  4. How wonderful this was and so very different. I loved it.

  5. Well, surely hickory nutting isn't going to hurt anyone, except for maybe the tree. So, I say leave them be :)

  6. Wonderful little story, Cathy. I had never heard of hickory-nutting before. Learn something every day I say, yes, please do.

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  7. Oh no it's just like my mother always cried! After the laughter comes the tears or jail! No she never said jail but this was so cute it just makes me giddy!..or a bit nutty?!!!

  8. oh my this was so sweet ... let the boys play!!!

  9. Oh. Hickory nutting. I remember doing that. And I remember how amazing the hickory nuts were in chocolate chip cookies!

    What a sweet look into the past! Love your creative use of this prompt.


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