Monday, May 28, 2012

Mag 119

Layla looked at Stacy gratefully.
"Thanks for the coffee. You're going?"
"Yes, I have a date with Nick at 7. You're doing overtime again?"
Layla nodded.
"Isn't it ironic? The only time an editor can edit is after work!"
"Yeah, and such crap too."
"Another one of those puerile novels?"
Layla didn't answer. She just rolled her eyes.
"Vampires again?"
"Worst. Kinky billionaire and the college student who reforms him."
"God, no! Didn't we stop writing these kind of stories at 16?"
"Maybe we should have kept them", said Layla grimly.

This was a Mag post.


  1. I like it- and I can say I started silly adventures with a friend, back in the day-
    we went back and forth for eons! she wrote some
    with her character and then I'd write some about mine!

  2. Intriquing and unique interpretation of the picture, Cathy. I say keep them all... you just never know.

  3. Fab!!! Absolutely stopped too about a billionaire vampire with handcuffs? I'll do a chapter!!

  4. Really interesting take on the photo here. Pretty amazing the stories we come up with but I guess it all works because there certainly is a genre for everyone.

  5. haha...nice story...and yeah, ready to end the cliche stories...smiles...they will surely make a movie of it, which we will clambor to see...smiles.

  6. Ah the coffns are creaking open at sunset , good one.

  7. Enjoyed reading this.

  8. Facts of publishing: Vampires sell, originality does not.
    This has both... put it in the 'too hard basket'!
    I liked all your mini stories I read today, snippets of reality .... interesting!

  9. I honestly remember writing stories of teens and older blokes when I was 16 as I had a crush on a teacher back then......attic here I come!

  10. AnonymousMay 29, 2012

    A wry reflection on the prevalence of cliché and stereotype in popular writing. Something you avoid neatly in this short, sharp piece of dialogue.

  11. Smart and witty write...enjoyed it immensely...

  12. A brilliant take on the prompt Cathy! :-)

  13. Can college students reform kinky billionaires? I don't know the answer but I do know that I like this piece which could well be the start of a major story.

  14. I enjoy it when someone can write dialogue that doesn't sound 'fake' ... yup, I was sitting quietly at that kitchen table with a cup of coffee.


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